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Check out the Stronghold Dashboard Overview Video Series where you will find a video on each tab in the dashboard including the Admin tab. It is perfect for an introduction or a refresher.


Stronghold users with the Admin role can access the Admin tab at the top of the dashboard to add, remove, and maintain users. The permissions granted to a user are defined by the role assigned to them. Each user only needs one user id to access all of the dashboards they have been granted access to. To grant one user access to multiple dashboards, the admin must have admin access for each of the dashboards and then navigate to each dashboard and assign access. (see Multiple dashboards).

Admin tab

Removing a User

To remove a user, click the Remove User link to the right of the user record.

Adding a User

Click the "+ Add a user" button to bring up this screen:

Since Stronghold is a payment-related application, it is recommended that each user have a separate and unique user id (i.e., email address) and password, and not share it with anyone else.


The following roles are currently available:

  • Admin: The administrator role has complete access including the ability to add, remove, and maintain users. To make sure the merchant does not get locked out of their dashboards, it is recommended that at least two people have admin access to each dashboard.
  • Default: The default or "Regular" role has full dashboard access except the ability to add, remove, or maintain users.
  • Reporting: The reporting role has access to the following tabs: Home, Customers, Reports, Stronghold Direct, Promotions, In-Store, and Developers. They do not have access to the Admin, Transactions or Settlements tabs.

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