Stronghold Brand Guidelines


We have a set of guidelines and standards that defines Stronghold’s brand identity. Each element of our branding has a purpose in expressing our mission and vision consistently.

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Before using any Stronghold brand assets, i.e. logos, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the following brand guidelines.

Having trouble downloading? Please email us.

Our Mission + Vision

Stronghold's Mission

To provide fast, secure, and accessible financial services for all.

Stronghold's Vision

To build a more inclusive, stable, and connected global economy.


Please ensure that there is practical and consistent spacing (horizontally and vertically) around our logo when placing it next to other logos. If you have any questions please email us.

Stronghold logo spacing

Logo combinations

Here are a few examples of ways partners can use our logo.

Our partners can suggest that they are working with Stronghold.
Our partners can use logos vertically or horizontally.
Powered by
Our partners can add '"Powered by"' or '"Partnered with"' before the Stronghold logo.
Stronghold Logo mark
Limited Use
In some cases our partners can use our logomark with their logomark.

Improper logo combinations

Here are a few examples of improper use of logo combinations.

Stronghold Logo mark
Do not combine our logomark with your logotype or add any parts of our logomark into your logo.
Do not use our logo in the beginning or end of your company name (written text).
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