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ACH Payments

Stronghold’s Automated Clearing House functionality can be embedded into your interface, allowing you to maintain ownership of your customers and their experience.
Stronghold ACH Payments

Programmable ACH Payments

Stronghold captures and verifies bank details as well as payment authorization via APIs.
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ACH Payments APIs

Accept and initiate ACH payments through Stronghold’s integrated product, Stronghold Pay. ACH payments through Stronghold are simple and secure, allowing electronic bank-to-bank transfers for retail payments and B2B payments.

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With a trusted solution in place, eliminate the hassle of physical cash and experience the benefits of offering electronic payments from day one.
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On the first day of Treez Pay’s launch in April 2020, over 50% of the consumers at merchants offering this new payment option chose to use it.

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Stronghold Pay provides transaction-level reporting and reconciliation that your organization can easily use.

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