Modern and Interoperable Payment Networks

Virtual Payment Networks

Create your own virtual payment network for your organization or learn more about the Stronghold powered payment network, StrongholdNET.

Payment Infrastructure for Businesses, Institutions, and Governments


Create a virtual payment network that fits your operational needs. Set the rules by which the payment network functions.

Network Participants

Multi-party access, KYC protocols and controls ensure participants are known at all times.


Traditional payment rails and modern payment infrastructure work seamlessly through our developer friendly APIs.

Regulatory Technology

Embed your regulatory frameworks and compliance policies across your network.

Custom Asset Issuance

Manage the currency or asset within your virtual payment network.

Visibility and Tracking

Our modern payment network infrastructure makes it easy to be transparent with auditors and regulators.

Customers Trust Stronghold

Businesses who have created their own Virtual Payment Networks  with Stronghold.

Meet our customers
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Jesse Lund IBM
"Using World Wire, participants can discover each other’s capabilities, negotiate FX rates, and transfer value in real time. This reduces the need for intermediaries and long durations for clearing and settlements – which ultimately can get money into consumers’ hands faster and more cost-effectively."
Jesse Lund
IBM World Wire

Need a Payment Pointer?

If you are a publisher on Coil's web monetization platform, please create an account here to get your payment pointer for streaming real time payments.
Coil Stronghold Publisher Payouts

Are you a network participant of IBM World Wire?

If you are a network participant on the IBM World Wire real time payments network, learn more about our instant settlement solution, Stronghold USD.

Interoperable Liquidity

A digital tool to send and receive value across modern virtual payment networks.
SHx is the native liquidity tool for a Stronghold Virtual Payment Network

Infrastructure for Virtual Payment Networks