Processing a Refund in Transaction Details

Refunds can only be done for transactions that have already been captured (ie funds have been taken from the customer's account).

Confirm with your technology provider whether they have integrated automatic refunds with Stronghold's API, or if refunds have to be manually done in the Stronghold Dashboard.

Automatic Refunds

Stronghold's API allows for a refund to be processed automatically if the merchant refunds an order from their integrated POS or technology platform.

There is no action necessary from the merchant if this is the case for your integration.

Manually Processing a Refund

If your technology provider has not yet integrated automatic refunds, you can process a refund manually through the Stronghold Dashboard under Transaction Details.

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click Transactions
  2. Search by External ID (Order ID) and open the transaction to see Transaction Details
  3. You can also search under Customer first, and then find the transaction under Customer Details. Here's how.
  4. On the right, find the blue Select Action dropdown button
  5. Click and select Refund

After a Refund is Processed

Stronghold will notify the customer via text of the refund. Customers will receive the total order amount including any convenience fees and tips originally paid by the customer.

Refunds will appear in the customer's bank account within 5 business days.

The status of the charge will change to Refund Pending until the funds have settled. Once settlement occurs, the transaction status will show Refunded .

For the merchant, there are no Stronghold fees to refund a charge. However, the fees already collected for the original charge are not returned.

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