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ACH payments volumes continue to be on the rise. With Stronghold, easily integrate ACH to support point of sale, e-commerce and B2B payment flows all with a single integration.

Our interoperable financial products transform blockchain and DLT payment instructions into traditional formats that can be used for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Because our regulatory technology doesn’t require additional integration and uses standard AML/KYC checks to reduce risk, your organization can focus on growth, not compliance.

Facebook’s proposed digital currency and financial infrastructure isn’t scheduled to launch until 2020, but Stronghold customers may subscribe to our Libra-compatible API to start using the protocol and currency.

Our proprietary testnet provides a consistent development experience for exploring the proposed protocol, which will integrate with distributed ledger technologies, traditional databases, and multiple payment systems.

Blockchain-enabled customers seeking interoperability, transparency and expanded ledger access are using Interledger protocol (ILP) to send and receive funds across independent payment networks.

Stronghold USD, our asset-backed U.S. dollar token, is the first dollar-enabled connector on Interledger, which allows customers to conduct cross-ledger and cross-currency transaction fulfillment without worrying about liquidity. Because Stronghold created technology that moves dollars quickly and securely, we call ourselves “the on and off-ramp to the Interledger network.”

Customers who want to integrate traditional financial systems with distributed ledger technology can partner with Stronghold to explore the Stellar network, which uses a wide range of currency-backed tokens. Useful for issuance, trading and cross-border payments, transactions conducted on Stellar cost just fractions of a penny and take a few seconds to resolve.

Managing assets with Stronghold and Stellar boosts liquidity, increases transparency and can dramatically reduce transaction costs. The native currency of the Stellar network is the Lumen (XLM).

For more information, visit Stellar.org.

Stronghold customers interested in accessing Ripple’s distributed ledger technology, XRP Ledger, can access a wide range of financial services, including low-commission currency exchange, a rapidly expanding financial ecosystem, a network that integrates with Interledger (ILP) open protocol and XRP as the native currency.

With no need to maintain nostro accounts and a system that offers real-time settlement in seconds, customers can issue and trade tokens without worrying about liquidity.

For more information, visit XRP Ledger.

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