Stronghold Defines Brand Identity to Support Mission and Vision

Announcing Stronghold's Clear, New Brand

Since launching in 2017, Stronghold has enabled businesses to process hundreds of millions of dollars of payments through their powerful set of developer APIs. It has been building infrastructure that facilitates interoperability between legacy and modern payment networks.

Stronghold’s team has always had clear ideas about how this technology aligns with their values. But given the complexity of the payments ecosystem and the deep level of their intentions, expressing their work in a concise way was a recurring challenge.

During their current phase of hyper-growth, the Stronghold team realized they needed to revamp their brand for clearer messaging, easier developer tools, and simpler documentation. They took a methodical approach that started by clarifying:

Stronghold’s Mission

To provide fast, secure, and accessible financial services for all.

Stronghold’s Vision

To build a more inclusive, stable, and connected global economy.

Then, after identifying Stronghold’s brand personality, they refined a set of visual elements and standards to establish a consistent brand identity across all platforms. 

View or download Stronghold’s brand guidelines.

Stronghold partners, learn more here.

These guidelines are just the beginning of Stronghold’s brand + design journey, as it works towards its vision.

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