Stronghold Establishes Internal Trading Policy

Stronghold’s SHx token has recently seen an increase in ecosystem interest and trading activity. Stronghold has established a clear internal trading policy to protect our community and support SHx with the highest degree of integrity.

Our internal trading policy covers three main concerns by:

  • Prohibiting employees and other Covered Persons (including shareholders and advisors) from trading on Material Nonpublic Information;  
  • Prohibiting communication of Material Nonpublic Information outside the company; and 
  • Ensuring proper and effective communication for non-trading periods that specifies consequences for noncompliance

Stronghold takes the confidentiality of Material Nonpublic Information very seriously. The Stronghold compliance team will ensure that this policy is directly communicated with all  employees and covered persons. Establishing this policy supports our overall goal to ensure trust in Stronghold’s technology infrastructure as a powerful tool for business.

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