Case study

Retailer Airfield increased their basket size by 69% using Stronghold's promotion feature


Airfield Supply Company, one of the leading vertically-integrated cannabis retailers in California, increased Stronghold’s digital payment method adoption by 34% in only 28 days by enabling Stronghold’sPromotion Product Feature and running a $5 off promotional campaign to drive digital payment adoption. Stronghold’s digital payment solutions allowed this retailer to see an average increase of 69% in their basket size. Handling less cash creates a reduction in operational overhead, as well as a lift in retail sales.


Airfield Supply Company’s top payment method was cash, and their existing compliant digital payment solution was only getting single-digit adoption rates among Airfield Supply Company’s customers. Handling cash was costing Airfield 15% of the cash value for counting, logging, transportation, and theft. Airfield wanted to drive digital payment adoption to be more operationally efficient, increase safety for their customers and employees with less physical cash in stores, and increase their average basket size to increase sales.


Airfield Supply Company collaborated with Stronghold to integrate Stronghold’s Promotion Product Feature within their e-commerce experience. This increased their digital payment adoption by 34% in only 28 days. The flexibility ofStronghold’s Promotions Product Feature allowed the retailer, Airfield Supply Company, to set up perfectly targeted promotions using the Stronghold Dashboard, while end-customers encounter banners promoting Stronghold usage and associated benefits within Airfield’s digital experience. Running a promotions campaign allowed Airfield SupplyCompany to increase its digital payment adoption, digital presence, and increase repeat purchasing from its customers.

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