Stronghold SHX

Stronghold SHx
Ticker: SHX

The Stronghold Token was released by Stronghold Anchor Limited, a New Zealand based company providing financial services.

Ledger Addresses

SHx is currently issued on both Stellar and Ethereum (ERC20).

Maximum Supply

100 000 000 000 (100 billion)
Stellar is the ledger of record, with SHx held in Stellar escrow accounts representing non-Stellar issuances of SHx.

SHx Whitepaper

Stronghold SHx Whitepaper February 2019 [English]

Stronghold SHx FAQs

Who received airdropped SHx tokens?

To show our appreciation to early adopters, we airdropped 100,000 Stronghold SHx tokens into the wallets of Stronghold customers on December 24th, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. New Zealand time.

Is SHx on Stellar or Ethereum?

Both! SHx is available on both Stellar and Ethereum (as an ERC20 token). We did this to enable for cross-ledger value transfers using SHx, as well as to make interacting with SHx easier for developers and traders on multiple blockchains.

What are SHx tokens used for?

SHx can be used to pay for fees on Stronghold, including but not limited to fees for the Stronghold trading platform, premium support services, and enterprise services for Stronghold issued assets and Platform APIs.

How can I receive SHx tokens?

Check Stronghold's social channels as we regularly announce more ways to participate in SHx distributions. Go to SHx's CoinMarketCap page to find exchanges where you can buy SHx.

Token allocation

  • SHx Ecosystem: 40% (includes initial airdrop)
  • Stronghold Operations: 30%
  • Stronghold Team & Investors: 30%

Token distribution

Stronghold released approximately 5% of the total supply as an airdrop to Stronghold's early user base at the end of 2018. No ICO, TGE, or IEO has been conducted in respect of SHx.

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