Stronghold Pay Merchant Support Guide

Merchant Dashboard Features


Access to the merchant dashboard is by invitation only. 

After receiving a welcome email from Stronghold Happiness, proceed to set up a user profile and enable 2FA using Google Authenticator via the following link:

Once a profile has been created, proceed to login via the following link:


Search for specific customers by name, email or mobile number to identify transactions made on their account.


View most recent transaction activity and easily download reports to view date, status, amounts and order IDs captured.


View recent net settlements and access detailed reports of underlying transaction activity. 

Net settlement amounts will be adjusted by the amount of any charges minus fees that are still attempting collection. Credits will be applied for corresponding funds once the ACH transactions have processed successfully. 


Access useful API documentation and retrieve API keys. 

Payment Status Descriptions:


If using the checkout flow: Customer has clicked on the pay button, but the charge could not be authorized (usually due to an insufficient balance).

If using the API directly, the integrator has created a charge.

Charges left created will eventually be Canceled, depending on the merchant’s operating procedures.


Customer authorization for the created charge has been obtained. Customer’s available balance was checked at authorization time.


Customer authorization and bank details have been successfully captured.  Customer’s available balance was checked at capture time.


The transaction has been created and the customer has linked a bank account but the charge fails and is never authorized or captured. Failure to authorize/capture is often attributed to a customer block or insufficient balance.

Attempting Collection

Stronghold has already attempted to collect funds however the attempt was unsuccessful due to insufficient balances at the time of debit or other bank restrictions.

Capture Failed

Customer lacks sufficient funds for processing and Stronghold’s attempts to collect funds have failed three times.


Customer has claimed that the charge is unauthorized. 

Refund Pending

Merchant has initiated a refund to customer for this order.


Refund has been settled to the customer.

Initiate A Refund

A full customer refund can be initiated when the transaction status appears as ‘Captured’. Identify an eligible transaction either by searching within the customer field or viewing all transaction activity and selecting a specific transaction.

Within the transaction details select ‘Process Refund’ and follow the confirmation pop-up. The status of the charge will change to ‘Refund Pending’ until the funds have settled. Once settlement occurs, the transaction status will show ‘Refunded’. Stronghold will notify the customer of an issued refund which will be processed within 5 days. 

There are no fees to refund a charge, however the fees from the original charge aren't returned. 

Successful Capture

A successful ACH capture typically clears from the customer’s bank account by the following business day. When a charge moves from ‘Authorized‘ to ‘Captured’, bank details have been verified and account balances are sufficient at this time. 

Attempting Collection 

After capturing a charge, it may move from `Captured` into `Attempting Collection’ within business 5 days of the capture date. This indicates a problem collecting funds from the customer’s bank account, potentially due to insufficient funds. In accordance with NACHA rules, Stronghold will automatically retry the debit another two times and has enough material to continue collecting payment for 60 days. 

It can take up to 5 business days for the customer’s bank to communicate with Stronghold to inform of the failed debit.


  1. Charge status changed from `Captured` to `Attempting Collection’
  2. Stronghold to programmatically contact customer via SMS and/or email to inform them that the payment failed, Stronghold will continue to attempt to retry the payment, and the customer will be unable to use Stronghold Pay to make any purchases with the merchant until the payment is resolved
  3. On a daily basis, check customer’s bank account balance to determine if their balance is sufficient for the charge amount
  4. If sufficient, an attempt will be made to debit the customer’s account. Another 5 day waiting period will commence: (a) If 5 days pass without the customer's bank indicating failure, the charge will be re-credited into the day’s settlement. The charge status will return to ‘Captured. (b) If failure, for 1st failure go back to (3). If second (i.e. the third time the payment is attempted), charge status changed to ‘Capture Failed’.

The maximum time a charge should stay in ‘Attempting Collection’ is 60 days.

Credits and reversals of charges are entered into daily settlements as balance transfers, either ‘Charge Settlement’ or ‘Charge Reversal’.


If a customer disputes a valid charge, we suggest you retrieve information from the merchant dashboard (such as authorization date, payment source institution and last 4 digits of account) and combine with other evidence to present to the customer and pursue the charge outside the ACH system. 

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