Setting up trustlines for SHx withdrawals

What are trustlines?

On the Stellar network, before a wallet can receive an asset (token), its owner must add a notification indicating that they are willing to accept it. Called “trustlines,” these notifications keep a record of:

  • the balance of credit you hold from the token’s issuer; and
  • the limit for which your account trusts the asset’s issuer.

Because Lumens (XLM) are Stellar’s native currency, XLM is the only asset type which doesn’t require a trustline that can be transmitted via the Stellar network.

On Stronghold, wallets are already set up to use all of the assets we support. However, customers who want to transfer assets to other Stellar wallets must create a trustline before initiating a transaction.

How to add a trustline

Customers who want to send SHx to an external Stellar wallet must add a trustline for SHx to the receiving wallet before processing the withdrawal. To add a trustline, the receiving wallet must also be funded with XLM; opening a trustline adds 0.5 XLM to your network reserve.

If you would like to read more about how to add a trustline, explains them in detail.

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