How to Set Up Your Stronghold Payment Pointer

make U.S. dollars your preferred currency on Coil

What's a Payment Pointer?

Stronghold powers U.S. dollar payments on Coil, the blogging platform that allows audiences to contribute to content creators via real time payments.

Before you can cash out your earnings in U.S. dollars, you’ll need to create a Stronghold account and connect it to Coil so funds are directed to your Stronghold wallet.

Make U.S. Dollars Your Preferred Currency on Coil

First, log in to your Coil account and set up your creator profile. After choosing your username, choose the USD option under Preferred Currency.

make U.S. dollars your preferred currency on Coil

make U.S. dollars your preferred currency on Coil

Create a Stronghold Account

Sign up for Stronghold and complete the account verification process. Make sure to confirm your identity so your wallet can accept contributions and withdraw funds.

Create your Stronghold account

Set Up Your Payment Pointer

From the Stronghold Launchpad, click My USD Payment Pointer.

to start receiving payments connect your Coil and Stronghold accounts

On the following page, find your unique Payment Pointer code and click “Copy."

Copy your payment pointer code to your Coil account

Visit the Coil Creator Settings page and paste your unique Payment Pointer into the space provided.

Link your Stronghold wallet to your Coil account

That’s it; your incoming Coil payments will now be converted into U.S. dollars by default. To withdraw funds from your Stronghold wallet, follow the steps on this page.