Stronghold USD Private Beta

An asset backed USD token on distributed ledger technology. Please submit your email to apply for our institutional private beta.

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Private Beta Qualifications

For businesses looking to settle cross-border payments or invest in cryptocurrencies, Stronghold offers direct access to the Stellar network’s full range of assets and regulatory advantages.

- Established Businesses Only

- $50,000 or more in monthly volume

- Regulatorily Compliant (if applicable)

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Stronghold USD Use Cases

Settle payments instantly, get competitive rates for trades and foreign exchange and know that your funds are safe with Stronghold.

- Payments

- Institutional Trading

- Foreign Exchange

- USD Reserves

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Why the US Dollar?

Having a USD anchor is the first step towards mainstream adoption. All the utility of dollars, moving at the speed of the internet.

- 85% of foreign exchange involves USD

- 64% of all central bank forex reserves in USD

- $580 billion in hard US currency is held outside US

- 1/3 global GDP from countries who have adopted or pegged to USD