Stronghold Security


Leading Security With Innovation

Digital Asset Security

Stronghold employs a multi-layer security approach including the use of multi-signature technology and cold storage. We store the vast majority of digital assets in secure offline storage.

Segregated Accounts

We segregate and secure all of our clients’ digital assets using unique addresses within Stronghold’s proprietary storage system.

Multisignature Technology

We use Multisig technology to provide additional security against attacks and to prevent losing access to your key. This approach allows us to eliminate single points of failure.

Cold Storage

The vast majority of digital assets are held in cold storage. Assets are custodied and secured in Stronghold’s proprietary storage system which combines “Cold Storage” and “Multisig Technology” for maximum security.

Regulatory Compliant

Stronghold properly controls and protects all digital assets under our custody at all times. We are compliant with regulatory reporting and Stronghold’s platform operates as a fully compliant New Zealand Financial Service Provider.

Account Protection

All passwords are cryptographically hashed using modern, proven standards. Sensitive user information is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Email Correspondence

We only send correspondence via our official email and Stronghold social media accounts. Links to our official accounts can be found on our website. Protecting our users is our top priority. If you are suspicious of a message please contact customer support to verify the authenticity of the email.

Stronghold security

Reporting Security Issues

If you believe you've found a security issue or you have noticed suspicious account activity, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible. We would be happy to work with you to resolve any issues you have found. Please email us at [email protected]


Stronghold cares deeply about the safety and security of its users. If you believe you've found a security issue in our product or service, we encourage you to notify us. We support responsible disclosure and will work with you to resolve any bugs and exploits you have found. Please report issues privately and in a responsible manner.


If you have any questions or concerns about your Stronghold account – or believe there has been unauthorized or suspicious account activity, please email our happiness team at [email protected]