Token Balance Freezing

If there is suspicious activity in a transaction that involves a Stronghold issued asset, then the asset can be frozen at anytime to complete an investigation.

Conditional Asset Holding

Our assets have conditions set in them upon issuance. If a potential holder of the asset does not meet the requirements set in the asset, then the transaction will not occur.

Revocable Permissions

Stronghold can revoke its issued credit held by other accounts at any time if we find the holder non-compliant under our regulatory framework.

KYC of All Fiat Token Holders

Stronghold enforces KYC on all fiat token holders so we know who holds the token at all times.

Open Ledgers 24/7

Our transactions settle onto distributed ledger technology in real time; available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Transparency has never been so easy for auditors and regulators.

Open APIs

Our Platform APIs allows developers to integrate with our regulatory technology so they can bring the same standards across to their applications and customers.