May 6, 2019

Stronghold Partner Case Studies

Stronghold offers much more than just another stablecoin: our financial technology is helping enterprises manage cross-border payments, access to ledgers, real-time payments, and much more.

Via our public and enterprise platform APIs, businesses can trade, clear and settle a variety of assets — including fiat currencies — across a wide range of ledgers.

Cross-border payments

Stronghold USD is the first U.S. dollar settlement vehicle for IBM World Wire
IBM Blockchain World Wire reaches 70+ countries.

Stronghold USD is the first U.S. dollar settlement vehicle for IBM Blockchain World Wire, a cross-border payments network that spans 70+ countries. World Wire uses Stronghold's integrated platform to move funds between legacy banks and MTOs around the globe.

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Web Monetization

Stronghold offers instant payment settlement to Coil users.
Stronghold facilitates streaming USD payments over Coil's network.

Coil offers content creators instant payment settlement using Stronghold’s distributed ledger technology, which connects multiple ledgers and currencies. Since Stronghold began facilitating streaming USD payments over Coil's web monetization network, real-time publisher payouts went from 60 days to just 24 hours.

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