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October 16, 2019

How to set up a Stronghold institutional account

Why create a Stronghold institutional account?

Creating an institutional account is a required step for businesses that plan to integrate with Stronghold’s platform APIs. After your institutional account is confirmed, your organization will be able to leverage Stronghold’s platform and services.

Creating your personal account

Before setting up an institutional account, you must first create and verify a personal Stronghold account.

To comply with financial regulations, we’re required to verify each customer’s identity. Before registering for a Stronghold account, please make sure you have the proper identity documents required for your region.

Creating your institutional account

If you are ready to get started, follow these steps:

1: Log into using the email associated with your personal Stronghold account. 

2: On the Launchpad page, click “Go to Account Profile”.

3: Click the “Organizations” tab.

4: Click “Add Organization.”

5: Fill out all of the required details. Please be careful to fill out this information correctly, as errors may cause us to reject or delay your application.

Please include all Beneficiary Owners who own 20% of, or have effective control over the entity.

6: After filling out your organization’s details, click the “Documents” tab and upload all of the required supporting documents.

Please note: Your institutional account application will not be reviewed until all required information and documents have been submitted. If you have a question during the registration process, please contact

Stronghold’s compliance team will begin to review your information after we’ve received all of your registration information. If needed, we may reach out to request additional information or documents.

Once your account is approved, Stronghold will send you a confirmation email.  

To view your institutional Stronghold account, log in, go to the Stronghold USD dashboard and click the personal name that appears in the top right corner. You should see your organization listed directly below your name. 

If you have questions or need help setting up your institutional account, please contact our happiness team through our support portal.

Stronghold’s products and services offer innovative solutions that can expand your organization’s capabilities. If you’d like to learn more about how our technology can help your business be more successful, please get in touch.