How to Buy Mobius

The Mobius Network recently held a successful ICO on the Stellar platform.

The protocol connects centralized app developers to the Stellar ecosystem without having to learn new blockchain languages. With Mobius, any company can accept payments on the blockchain.

This tutorial will go over how to buy the Mobius Network token (MOBI) with Bitcoin on the Stronghold exchange.

  1. Sign up or login to your Stronghold account.

    Alt Stronghold Login

  2. Go to your ‘Wallet’ page. In this example, we will be buying Mobius (MOBI) with Bitcoin (BTC), but you can follow the same steps to buy MOBI with Ether (ETH).

    Stronghold Wallet Page

  3. Click ‘Receive’ by the corresponding asset (in this case, Bitcoin) to bring up your QR code and address to send your Bitcoins to.

    Stronghold Receive

  4. Copy this address or scan the QR code to transfer funds from your Bitcoin wallet. The minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin (Bitcoin’s network is slow, so it may take up to 1 hour to deposit).

    Stronghold Address

  5. Once your account is funded, go back to Stronghold and click ‘Trade’ near the top of the screen. You should see a screen like the one below.

    Stronghold Address

  6. Click the “MOBI/BTC” market to buy MOBI with Bitcoin (Use MOBI/ETH for Ether) and fill out the order form on the right. Click the green ‘Buy’ button to push your order live.

    Here is a sample order to buy 100 MOBI. Note that Stellar uses 7 decimal places as opposed to 8 in Bitcoin. Stronghold Address Please note that these are limit orders. This means the trade will only execute if someone is willing to sell at that asking price according to the order book. A quick glance at the order book shows the lowest ask (lowest price someone is willing to sell MOBI) is 0.0000298 BTC. Stronghold Address This leaves two options: place an order at the desired price and hope it gets filled or raise your bid price to the lowest ask.

  7. After your order is placed, you will see it in ‘Open Orders’ on your trade page. Your order will remain there until it is filled. Once filled, the funds will appear in your wallet.

You can always view your past orders under “My Trade History” on the “Trade” page.

Remember, if your order remains open and does not get filled, you may need to adjust your price.

This order would execute immediately because it is the lowest ask price.

And that’s it! It is that easy!

Mobius Trading