Stronghold Rewards Program

We appreciate your choice of Stronghold! The Stronghold Rewards Program is our way of expressing appreciation for all the merchants in our network, and a way to keep our shared growth momentum moving forward. The more your customers purchase through Stronghold the more rewards you receive. You may then use these rewards to offset your Stronghold fees.

How does it work?

For each dollar that your customers purchase through Stronghold you earn 1 reward point.

When are they distributed?

Stronghold is in the process of rolling out a quarterly distribution. Our goal will be to distribute rewards in the month following the end of each quarter.

What can I do with my Stronghold rewards?

You can redeem your reward points up to once per quarter to offset your payment processing fees. Simply email [email protected] and we’ll walk you through the steps to redeem your points.

How can I earn more reward points next quarter?

The more your customers purchase through Stronghold, the more reward points you will earn. To increase utilization consider reducing or eliminating your convenience fee; running a promotion for customers that pay via Stronghold; or changing the Stronghold payment option button to “Pay Online Now! (Recommended)” if applicable.  

Who is eligible?

The Stronghold Rewards Program distributes rewards to all Stronghold merchants that have signed our Rewards Program Agreement. Since 9/2021 it has been included as part of our standard contract. So most customers who joined Stronghold after that time re-enrolled with Stronghold and the Stronghold Rewards Program simultaneously. To verify if you enrolled, search your legal agreements for "Stronghold Rewards Program" or send a request to [email protected]

Can the rewards program change over time?

Yes, like most rewards programs, Stronghold reserves the right to change the terms at any time. Please consult the Stronghold Rewards Agreement that you signed for details on the program.

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