Fee Schedule

Retail Fee Schedule

Please contact us for institutional pricing.

Trading Fees

Trade fees apply to buying and selling assets on Stronghold.

  • 0% deposit fee (on regular deposits)
  • 0% withdrawal fee (network fees may apply)
  • 0% maker fee
  • 0.25% taker fee

A maker places a trade that is not filled immediately and appears on the orderbook.
A taker places a trade that is filled immediately and 'takes' orders previously placed by makers.

A regular deposit is a deposit that is not considered 'small' - please refer to the small deposit fee table in your account for more information.
Network fees may be deducted from your withdrawal and are used to pay the cost of transmitting your withdrawal on the blockchain networks. Please refer to the withdrawal screen in your account for more information.

Stellar Anchoring Fees

Anchoring fees apply only to users moving Stronghold-issued assets on the Stellar network. Most users will not incur these fees and they do not apply to regular trading.

  • $3 ACH fee for withdrawal of USD. $35 wire fee for US domestic withdrawal of USD and $50 wire fee for international wire withdrawal of USD.
  • 0% deposit fee on assets
  • 0.50% withdrawal fee of Stronghold-issued assets to non-Stronghold Stellar addressess
  • Anchoring fees apply to the following Stronghold-issued assets:
    • USD - United States Dollar (Stronghold USD)
    • BTC - Bitcoin
    • XRP - Ripple
    • ETH - Ethereum
    • LTC - Litecoin

There are no anchoring fees to non Stellar wallets like Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, etc. However, when withdrawing to Stellar wallets such as StellarTerm the anchoring fees apply.
You can view a list of Stellar wallets here: https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/

Network Fees

Network fees for assets can be found here - Stronghold Network Fees